Enterprise Apps Today: 13 ERP Predictions for 2017

By Drew Robb

Experts say the cloud and IoT will be very important this year.

ERP has changed markedly over the past two decades. So where is it heading in 2017? Some see the end of old ways that have lingered too long and now need to head off into the sunset. Others predict market shakeups and whole new vistas of possibilities.

xTuple comes in on the prognostication list at #3 with "Consumerized ERP" —

Josh Fischer, product manager for xTupleCommerce, said that the biggest thing to expect in 2017 is demand for the equivalent of a consumer eCommerce experience in B2B transactions. Uber, eBay and Airbnb have revolutionized their respective fields. Now it’s time for enterprise apps to get in on the act.

“It's kind of astonishing that it hasn't happened on a broader scale already, but it's definitely happening now,” said Fischer.

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