Datamation: Best Open Source Accounting Software

Researching the best open source accounting software isn't as simple as one might think. There are a number of important variables you must consider before taking the leap. This is especially important for those businesses that already have an accounting/bookkeeping solution in place. Making sure you can achieve the same level of control and functionality is very important when switching to a Linux-centric accounting application.

Open Source Accounting Software: PostBooks®

Not all the best Linux compatible accounting software is completely open source. I can think of one application that is actually a dual-license. This means it's both open source with a non-FoSS commercial license used as well. The application I'm talking about is called PostBooks®.

One of the advantages of using something like PostBooks® is that you have a thriving company that supports it should you require help. Additionally, PostBooks® is offered with other business bundles should your company opt to go that route. Because of this, PostBooks® is considered ERP software that includes accounting capabilities.

PostBooks® features include:

  • General accounting features. A ledger of activity, accounts receivable/payable, accounts reconciliation, and other financial information reporting.
  • ERP functionality for sales. Quotes for sales, orders in process, shipping.
  • CRM functionality (customer service management). An address book, incident management, to-do lists, and project management.
  • Light manufacturing support. This includes work orders, support for make to order projects.
  • International currency support. This is helpful if your business sells products overseas.

PostBooks® is well suited for a business that does manufacturing and shipping, while also ensuring their bookkeeping needs are addressed on a day to day basis.

By Matt Hartley