ComputerWorldUK: Best open source inventory management software

These inventory management tools are some of the best to deliver great customer service while keeping all data secure in the cloud. Inventory management software is a powerful tool to help organisations manage payments and purchases. The other advantages of open source are that it's normally totally free and supported by a responsive online community of other users that can make implementation and software management much easier.

Here's our pick of the best for your business.


xTuple is a great place for small and rapidly expanding businesses to start. So, if you're finding your current inventory management software is struggling with your rate of growth, xTuple aims itself at scaling businesses and is an excellent option.

xTuple offers a CRM and ERP service, open source of course. But to take advantage of its stock and inventory controls, you'll need to install PostBooks®.

PostBooks® provides — on top of its CRM and ERP systems — an inventory management solution that works across multiple locations and tracks stock distribution. See a full list of PostBooks® features, here