Capterra: Accounting Software for Mac

Accounting software for Mac users isn’t as plentiful as its PC cousins, but there are still plenty of options. Here’s a list of Mac options from Capterra’s accounting software directory to keep your Apple-loving finances in line, presented in alphabetical order.

By Andrew Marder

xTuple PostBooks®

xTuple is an open source, ERP software. Like AcctVantage, this means businesses will have the option to do much more than just accounting, if they dive into the full setup. If you’re not sure you need the whole ERP experience, xTuple makes PostBooks®, a smaller ERP perfect for small businesses.

PostBooks® includes accounting, inventory, CRM, and sales functions. If you need more than that, you can upgrade to one of the company’s more full-featured offerings. PostBooks® is an online system, though it’s not exclusively cloud-based.

You can install PostBooks® — for free — on your own server or you can have someone host it for you. Mac and PC interfaces then talk to the host and keep all your information current and shared.

PostBooks® is a great option for businesses that have some IT staff in place or that are interested in growing into something a smaller, non-ERP system would struggle to track.

Price: Free