One Pack, LLC

New Jersey

Distributors of packaging and shipping room products, material handling equipment, cargo control and lifting slings, janitorial and safety supply, equipment and tool repairs. All you need is The One. Go One Pack. We service what we sell.

Unbelievable support on xTuple Forums says NJ Distributor One Pack LLC
Unbelievable support forum on says NJ Distributor One Pack LLC

"My name is George Kolbeck. I work for a company called One Pack, LLC, in Edison, New Jersey (NJ). We're distributors of packaging supplies, janitorial supplies and warehouse equipment. We used to use a system called SBT, and the system did not do nearly as much as xTuple. It would not track our shipments the way you could by possibly clicking on your tracking number. Also it didn't have a great re-level order points. It didn't show me my difference of costs as much as xTuple does."

"The attraction we had to xTuple was (1) the open source system that it had and (2) was the ease of use and the ease of the help center. The [xTuple] Forum is unbelievable. You can type in any kind of question that you have. You can search through thousands and thousands of posts. It's pretty great when you put a question up how fast you get a response. They'll even offer 'hey, I'll help you out.' You have a log-me-in system and let's walk you through it. And it's just been a really great experience. I've had a few surprises with xTuple. It's done things that I didn't even think would be eligible to be tracked. You can literally click on that number, get the tracking information, and, if you have the Connect module, you can just email it right to the customer, and you're done with it in 25 seconds. And the customer is happy. It gives you a lot of different functionalities. It gives you a lot of different aspects to look at things."

"And if you do need to add something, it's very simple. The great thing about it is, once you do add something that you prefer, it's offered in the next system [version]."