Keystone Wood Specialties

For four decades, Keystone Wood Specialties has earned a reputation as a wholesale manufacturer for supplying the custom cabinet, furniture and remodeling industries with the highest quality in cabinetry components. With skilled craftsmanship and CNC and other computerized technologies, we offer a full line of high-end products ranging from doors and drawer fronts to dovetailed drawer boxes, face frames, solid wood moulding, wainscoting and much more.

Keystone solves unique business problems with new ERP - xTuple PostBooks

"My name is Bob Corrier, and I work for Keystone Wood Specialties ( in Lancaster, PA. Our company manufactures custom components for kitchen cabinetry based on custom orders from custom builders or people who remodel homes, and we provide a wide range of custom - totally custom - products whatever the customer wants, which leads to some unique business problems that need to be solved, with pricing especially and how prices are calculated.  

xTuple actually replaced a custom and very limited accounting system that was in use, written in-house, and they decided to replace [it] and use PostBooks, just due to the limitations of the accounting package.  

We do have a custom order entry system that is integrated through the API with PostBooks - to update customers and invoices especially - and we are looking in the future to integrate that more seamlessly with PostBooks.  

Open source was a big part of the [software purchase] decision. The company owner is a big proponent of open source and tries to use it whenever its applicable.

The PostBooks database is on Linux and the clients are all running on Macs. 

I really like the extensibility and that I am finding that I can more closely integrate all of our custom work so that it looks exactly like its part of xTuple and will be seamlessly updated and will give me one point for all of my data filing. Its flexibility and the ability to finally to have all of our business data in one location rather than scattered all over in silos everywhere."