Cornerstone Automation Systems, LLC

Cornerstone Automation Systems, LLS, stands for intelligent automation for order fulfillment. CASI designs, builds and supports turnkey automation systems for retail and pharmacy order fulfillment operations, all from their "Built in the USA"-based manufacturing facility. Every CASI solution is tailored to the client’s unique business requirements with a focus on providing a real return. CASI systems incorporate a modular, plug-and-play design allowing for easy redeployment of solutions as customers grow.

Setup, Configuration & Operation Training is fabulous and practical says Cornerstone Automation

"Re: Instructor Mike Atherton, xTuple Product Evangelist and Director of Training

Over the last 18 years, I've done many different types of training in different places for computer systems and otherwise. My name is Ryan Greve. I work for Cornerstone Automation Systems in Dallas, Texas (TX). 

I think this is a fabulous course. It's been the most organized training that I've ever attended. We are learning quite a lot, and we're able to relate it to what we're going to be doing when we get back home. 

Also the fact that there is a course pack that goes with it, so you get lectured on the section first that you're going to be learning about, and then you have to actually do it. It's impossible to retain 40 hours of input without actually doing some practical application within the class. 

And it's really quite different from some of the other training I've experienced wherein it's a salesperson who has some knowledge of the system and also want you to buy the product - versus someone who is employee number three it sounds like or something like this, and is technically versed in terms of - you know - the actual code, the SQL, the scripting, so on and so forth, but is also very knowledgeable in other areas of business accounting, purchasing, how an organization is supposed to run. So he has both aspects, and I find that quite unique in this training."