Blair Companies


Blair Companies is comprised of three synergistic business divisions — Signs, Fixtures, and Logistics — that enable Blair to set new standards for high-service, low-cost image and construction program management.

Blair’s sign division has deep expertise in all types of sign manufacturing, permitting, installation and turnkey program management throughout North, Central and South America for large multi-site accounts.  Blair’s fixture division brings similar skills to bear on all types of store fixtures and millwork packages. Blair’s logistics division brings these same chains national 3PL procurement, warehousing and distribution for lighting and a wide array of FF&E, OS&E and construction supplies.

Blair Companies’ 350 Sign-Fixture-Logistics associates operate as one seamless company from our 270,000 SF, 25-acre complex in Altoona, PA.  Additional sales and engineering offices are located in Philadelphia, Tampa, Birmingham, Chicago, and Los Angeles.  Blair operates throughout North, Central and South America, and through our Global Signware Alliance, manages image programs worldwide.

We've become a much leaner manufacturing company using xTuple, says Blair Companies
We've become a much leaner manufacturing company using xTuple, says Blair Companies

"Deborah Barnett, I am director of accounting from Blair Companies. We build signs, we have a millwork division, and also a lighting division."

[How do you use xTuple ERP?] "We actually have setup five (5) databases for each of our divisions. The last one we just started running live at the beginning of October (2013)."

[What does xTuple ERP do for you?] "Well it's definitely a very intense program, but it also allows you to do a lot of different things. Our biggest focus was trying to get some controls over what our inventory truly is costing us, what our manufacturing costs us, and are we making any money on our products? Definitely made some progress towards those goals, we still have some ways to go, yet."

[What do you like about xTuple ERP?] "What I do like about xTuple is that there are so many different options on setting the different product codes, type codes, item numbers, and so many different ways to manipulate that information, so we can have the same data being manipulated in different ways so that your manufacturing people can get the information they need; your project people can get the information they need; and, of course, accounting can get the information they need with the same data, and we're not entering items and costs and whatnot several different times."

[What has xTuple done for your company?] "We've become a much leaner manufacturing company using xTuple."

xTuple's HQ building sign by Blair Companies

xTuple HQ Sign by Blair Companies