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What is xTuple ERP?
  • Run your business. xTuple is open source business management software to power your entire company with one system ― accounting, time & expense, CRM, sales, purchasing, multi-channel marketing, manufacturing, inventory and distribution.
  • Connect the dots. Harness the collective brainpower of your employees, customers, suppliers and other business partners with next generation financial management software ― no more silos of unconnected information.
  • Grow your world. With this powerful software ― and the global community of professionals that works on it every day ― there's no limit to where your business can grow. Try it now for free and see for yourself.

xTuple Corporate Brochure (PDF)

Grow Your World®


xTuple business management software gives growing companies control over operations and profitability, integrating all critical functional areas in one modular system ― the powerful tools to manage your supply chain and Grow Your World®.

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  • Accounting
  • CRM/Corporate Relationship Management
  • Distribution
  • eCommerce
  • ERP for Enterprise Size Business
  • ERP for Small-Mid Size Business
  • Manufacturing
  • Mobile Web Application
  • Sage & QuickBooks® Alternative


  • PostBooks® – FREE Download
  • PostBooks® – Commercial
  • Distribution Edition
  • Manufacturing Edition
  • Enterprise Edition
  • xTuple Connect (Email, EDI)
  • OpenRPT Report Writer
  • xTupleCommerce


  • Forums, Knowledge Base
  • Languages & Translations
  • Quality Assurance Process
  • xChange – xTuple Marketplace
  • Apps, Extensions & Updater
  • Referral Rewards Program
  • Developer Blogs
  • Incident Manager, Bug Tracker
  • xTupleUniversity



Our Mission — Help companies of all sizes successfully implement powerful and easy-to-use open source Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software to grow their business profitably.


xTuple develops powerful “open source” business management software enabling companies of all sizes to grow by streamlining every key function of their organization — accounting, sales, customer and supplier management, inventory, purchasing, manufacturing and distribution — integrating their enterprise on a single, user-friendly, cloud-available platform.


xTuple’s solution is the cost-effective alternative to those who have outgrown QuickBooks® or Peachtree — or are ready for a powerful, customizable enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution without the high cost and vendor lock-in of traditional enterprise software.

xTuple ERP has been qualified many times over as the perfect replacement for high-priced, inflexible mid-market ERP systems — such as Microsoft, Sage, SAP and Oracle.

xTuple runs on Windows, Mac or Linux platforms and is accessible from anywhere — mobile devices, too. Rather than forcing a company’s processes to fit the software, xTuple conforms to a business and empowers growth, enhancing productivity and providing better visibility to all parts of the organization, not only accounting. xTuple users are able to stage their use of the software, adding applications or functionality in any way their business requires as it grows.

xTuple software supports multiple currencies and meets international tax and regulatory requirements. It has been translated into nearly 30 languages and growing as we add more global Partners.


xTuple delivers enterprise-class business management software without the enterprise-level price, especially for companies who have either outgrown their current system or need a more sophisticated software solution without the big budget cost, in installation or in daily use.

xTuple’s product suite begins with our free product version, xTuple PostBooks®. Commercially licensed Editions add sophisticated functionality for more complex operations. Regardless of version, xTuple ERP integrates all critical functional areas into one system. It can be upgraded easily — and cost-effectively — as your business grows. Features comparison of Editions may be found at www.xTuple.com/products/comparison.

xTuple offers implementation, training and support services directly and through a global network of Partners and Solution Providers.


“What set xTuple apart from the start was how solid the functionality was for the price. Most small- to mid-sized companies cannot afford the more expensive ERP systems out there, but they do need a system. xTuple's offering was clearly the best value."

— General Manager, Creamer Metal Products

“With xTuple, we gained important features needed to move our business to the next stage. The quality of support — both user-level and developer-level — is superb! xTuple staff is responsive, quick and effective in problem-solving and very receptive to input and ideas from their customers."

— IT Manager, Nordic Naturals


Five Considerations When Analyzing Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Designed to find lifetime costs of acquiring and operating software, the best TCO analysis brings out "hidden" or non-obvious ownership expenses involved in making purchase decisions or planning budgets.

1. Purchasing / License Pricing
  • Free — Thousands of companies worldwide run their business on the completely free and open source solution, xTuple PostBooks®.
  • Annual License — Companies who want additional vertical functionality, or are more comfortable with a commercial software license, can buy based on number of users needed now and add more users as requirements change, only paying for the users, as needed, pro-rated.
  • Perpetual License — Paid once and does not need to be renewed annually.
2. Software Pricing
  • Users — xTuple users are Concurrent to “share” usage rather than more costly Named users. Everyone can have a sign-on. xTuple only counts those logged on at any one time; shop floor employees using the system merely to clock in and out of jobs are not counted against you.
  • Reports — All licensed users of xTuple ERP have access to OpenRPT report writer rather than requiring a third party report writer (e.g., Crystal Reports), which carry additional license costs.
  • Extras — Other vendors charge extra fees for additional companies, locations, servers, processors or environments. xTuple does not.
3. Environment Pricing
  • Vendor requirements — Microsoft-centric solutions require Office for each desktop user as well as expensive, resource-intensive Exchange mail server and Outlook clients. Save $1000s annually using OpenOffice.org for the same functionality, without the expense.
  • Database — xTuple ERP runs on PostgreSQL unlike most vendors who require costly MSFT SQL/Server or the Oracle database.
  • Server operating system — Initial and annual costs associated with a Windows or Linux/Unix server can add up as well as additional costs with MSFT Windows Server/CALs (Client Access Licenses).
  • Middleware software — Many vendors require additional software (and fees) to run their application such as an Application Server, Web Server or Terminal Services Software for Wide Area Network or home connectivity.
  • Support — From free community resources to paid expert consulting, all support options are available for both free PostBooks® and commercially-licensed xTuple ERP Editions. Pricing is published up-front.
4. Hardware Pricing
  • Upgrades — xTuple ERP is platform-agnostic. You can leverage existing desktop or laptop hardware and technologies. No need to upgrade all computers to one operating system.
  • Server — xTuple ERP runs on Windows, Mac and Linux (which may be your lowest TCO) servers; you may already have a usable server today, or we offer pre-configured servers.
5. Open Source vs. Closed Source
  • Modifications — When upgrading to the next software release, mods need to be re-applied. Closed source solutions do NOT make their source code available; modifications MUST be completed by the original vendor, often at significant cost, if available at all.
  • Control — You don’t have to be a programmer to appreciate the fact that possessing your software’s source code gives you ultimate control over your business management solution. xTuple’s Community Development model means we work with customers, including users of the free PostBooks® Edition, to incorporate modifications they need into the base application. Required features are part of the software, documented and fully supported, another way to help keep down the Total Cost of Ownership over the life of the software’s use in your organization.

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