The QuickBooks® Alternative — ERP for Small Business

xTuple answers the outgrowing QuickBooks® problem —
What can I do when my Small Business is ready for ERP?

Your company is growing. With productivity and profits comes the challenge of greater financial management.

Give yourself more control over your financial future. Break out of simple desktop software for your accounting needs.

xTuple Advantages over QuickBooks®

  • Free starter version
  • Runs on Windows, Mac, Linux or mobile
  • Fully integrated Corporate/Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Multiple concurrent users and unlimited database size, flexible calendar
  • Easy audit trails, simple transaction history tracking and reporting periods
  • Multiple currencies and language support; multiple warehouse and location tracking
  • Easy upgrade to full ERP for manufacturing, distribution, eCommerce

When QuickBooks No Longer Fits, xTuple Offers Solutions and Value

Learn more and download the white paper "9 Reasons to Move from QuickBooks® to xTuple®" — The QuickBooks® Alternative.

  • General Manager, Creamer Metal Products, Inc.
    We're big xTuple fans. What set xTuple apart from the start was how solid the functionality was for the price. Most small- to mid-sized companies cannot afford the more expensive ERP systems out there, but they do need a system. xTuple's offering was clearly the best value.

  • IT Manager, XIKAR, Inc.
    Our old system, QuickBooks, could not keep up. There was constant database locking due to shipping import/export as well as slow overall performance. xTuple is focused on their clients’ needs. Compared to some of the other systems we looked at, they were far above the others.