Custom Development

Custom Development Services

Open source makes it easier to customize xTuple to your needs

Business software technology is still a complex tool. Not everyone has the time and internal IT resources, or the programming background, to tackle it. xTuple's Custom Development team are subject matter experts with the skills to analyze your needs and deliver a high-value solution, on-time and on-budget.

How to Partner with xTuple

Are you a business management software Value-Added Reseller (VAR)? Or looking to integrate your applications with xTuple solutions? Or interested in exploring an arrangement to develop new business channels and grow revenue? Perhaps an accounting professional seeking the right software solution for your clients? Let's talk.

Custom Feature Enhancements

Range from changing the placement of a single button to adding complex new functionality, such as


Need to exchange data with an external system? Add-on product xTuple Connect can automate exports and imports, although some customization is usually required to extend APIs and to transform data from one system to another, such as

  • PDM (Product Definition Management) system
  • EDI of purchase orders and invoices for major grocery store chain
  • Full-service Web store

Interface Modifications

Application screens don't meet your needs? Every company works differently, and a slight change to layout or content of one or more screens may help you achieve that leap in productivity.

  • Tell us what you're looking for, and we can change them
  • Update package can be installed to modify the app to do things the way you want
  • Data can be added to screens where you need to see it
  • Fields can be removed if you prefer not to have them visible to your users

Custom Reports

Hundreds of pre-made reports to cover all basic business needs — using our OpenRPT report writer software — are built-in to every xTuple edition. Does your company have unique requirements?

  • Get Open RPT training so you and your employees can use the embedded report writer to do more yourself, more quickly and efficiently
  • Ask us to write specialized reports for you
  • Customize everything from standard business forms such as invoices and purchase orders, check formats, financial reports, operational documents such as pack lists and routings

Maintaining Enhancements

After delivery, your enhancements need to be preserved for uncomplicated upgrades to future versions of the software.

  • Contribute your sponsored enhancement(s) to become part of the base xTuple package, helping make the product better for everyone
  • Add xTuple Network (XTN) for Business Continuity (Off-site Backup and Disaster Recovery Service), if your enhancement is highly customized to your business
  • Receive managed upgrades from one release to the next with XTN, to ensure any custom changes are properly migrated to the new release

Prefer to Do-It-Yourself?

Online Training — Complimentary
Learn from video tutorials and documentation. Provide dependable training for new employees. Get the publicly available source code and dive in.
In-classroom Instruction
Purchase both Setup, Configuration & Operations and Power User Training classes for a 25% savings. Kick-start your ERP education for best results!

From concept to prototyping to production — leaders in contract manufacturing build their business with xTuple software