How do I get new features added into the product?

This is our favorite question. There are lots of ways, and the most important is working collaboratively. If you've got the technical expertise, you can write new functionality yourself. You can pay one of our development partners to do it. Or you can sponsor new features directly with us. Sometimes, it makes sense to put together a consortium, where several customers split the cost of developing something new. This worked extremely well for the CRM module in version 2, and the Returns and Service functionality in version 3. Typically, a simple feature request in the Issue Tracker is the best way to get started. If we decide that a more detailed specification is needed, there is a template to use as a starting point. The best part? When you work with us to add new features into the product, you get exactly what you need, implemented into the core system — ensuring that your investment will be future-proof, rather than a one-off customization. Read more on Features in our History, expecially about our "Feature Mob" events and "Greatest Hits" Volumes One and Two.